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We’ve got you covered.

Our support team are all real people with advanced knowledge of OpsReady. If you have an idea, a question, or need additional training, we’ll work quickly to resolve your request so you can get back to the work you need to do.

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Custom Training

Custom training for your team.

Whether you need help installing the mobile apps, getting logged in, or navigating a specific process, we can help.

Your own custom training resources are established as a part of implementation and can be re-used for future training sessions, including orientation of new team members.

No question is too small. Our team are always here to help, for anything you need. Submit a support request and we’ll follow up to get you what you need.


Do you support SSO?

Yes! We recommend that our clients use a single sign-on (SSO) provider whenever possible. We’ll complete the SSO integration during initial setup.

Does OpsReady work offline?

Yes! OpsReady is designed for offline work, and includes powerful checkout and automatic data sync features that make offline work easy to manage.

Can I use OpsReady on my mobile device?

OpsReady provides dedicated mobile applications for iOS and Android that are compatible with both smartphones and tablets. Our mobile applications are designed with industrial work and harsh environments in mind.

How often do you update OpsReady?

OpsReady is an evergreen application, meaning that small updates are regularly released (every 2 weeks or more frequently) to keep the application secure, maintain performance, and add new features as they are completed. These small updates do not disrupt ongoing use. Major updates are rare, and are coordinated with customers if they will result in application downtime.

How many users do we get? How do I add a new user?

You get an unlimited number of user accounts. Seriously. If you want to add a new user, look under the Resources menu. All you need is the person’s email address.

Do you have an SLA?

Yes, OpsReady agreements incorporate a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that details guarantees for application uptime as well as support request response and resolution.