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Companies of all kinds use a ton of people, paper and applications (and loads of manual effort)
to get work done.

Some companies sell real automation tech, but only for a few types of work. Most of them just pollute the air with jargon.

Also, you have to move mountains to set up, test and maintain the tech, let alone change it over time. Then, you’re stuck.

Thank goodness
for OpsReady

I’m next level, and made for Do-ers. I’m software as a service for no-code and low-code automation with web and mobile apps to get work done. You can do work, monitor everything and improve automations and human performance, all in one application. Keep the processes you want. Change the ones you don’t. Invent new ones. I’m here for you.

Let’s transform how you get work done

and supercharge your humans, with immediate return.

(Did you know that I was created to save people’s lives in wildfires and floods through automation and data mapping? Now, I automate work and help humans across all types of work and organizations, address your legacy tech and integrate where you want me to. And I do it on your terms!)

So, are your ops ready to achieve your goals (lower cost and risk, more revenue, happier people)?  Well, try me! I work with great companies and companies aspiring to be great.

I’d love to meet you.
Let’s get to know
each other.

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